Ta Li jewelry International Co., Ltd.


We provide perfect prices and quality to global jewelry retail stores, and you are welcome to join and inquire.

The products provided by our company are divided into four categories: welcome retailer wholesalers to negotiate purchases, and welcome to order samples.


I. Natural Gem Series

2. Standard sterling silver series

3. Popular jewelry series

4. Technology jewelry series

 Company History

1979: Hualong Coral Art Co., Ltd.

          Hualong Coral Arts & Crafts Factory
1989: Bangkok airport  Jewelry Company 

             Hualong Arts Factory(china&Thailand)

 2001:Ta Li International CO.,LTD.

 2003:ta li new material international 

 2007:Taiwan ta li jewelry club

 2020:Internet wholesale website

2020:Tali Gorup Co.,Ltd.